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by David Palfery 22. July 2011 14:46

I was asked to lend a hand on a SharePoint project that was at the phase of starting over on the Information Architecture. I had seen advertisement for this tool and thought I would give it a try, well have someone else give it a try. My ECM/BA guy gave me a call two hours later on fire about this thing. It is everything Balsamiq is to the mainstream programing but for SharePoint. My BA guy spent three weeks working with the customer getting the site planed out in the mockups including pages and webparts on those pages. The customers loved it and forgot about what color the button was.


After my BA was done I noticed that they had a tool you could install on the server to generate the sites based on the Mockups. I was a bit skeptical so I snap shoted my development VM  and installed the tool, create a new web application and site collection and ran the the tool. Twenty minutes later I had the actual intranet with sample data and permissions built. Done, Amazing, Awesome.


The free version only creates 10 pages, the for pay version for enterprise is about $1000.00 but that is only one days work for most SharePoint consultants and this will save that times 10.

Link to the pricing and the tool


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